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How We Feel    
The goal of our guild is to become the PREMIER guild in Rappelz. The guild that every other guild wants to be like, the guild everyone wants to join. We the members of Dreams United are here for fun. We are a family of our own choosing and as a family have rules we must live by, We have these rules in order to keep harmony within our guild. We have these rules to insure that Dreams United is trusted and respected in the general Rappelz community. 


Following you will find a list of rules for our guild. It is not a complete list and as time goes on it will be amended. The reason these rules are posted here are so all members will have the same understanding and appreciation of what is important to the success and continued improvement of DreamsUnited. 

Disciplinary action will be taken if these rules are broken. All guild leaders will be involved in the investigation of the event. Punishments will be based on how the incident tarnishes the guilds reputation. Minor incidences will involve a warning.  Major incidences will be reason for expelling from the guild. 

The RULES    

1.)  100% Loyalty We want all in guild to be DREAMERS for life. Join DreamsUnited with that goal.   

2.)  Respect everyone. Treat all guild members with respect. Treat all Rappelz members with respect. This means no kill stealing, no death luring, no obscene language in any chats. We are an international guild so please respect all guild members and allies by using only ENGLISH in chats. Use any language you prefer in whispers or general talk. If you should have a problem with another guild member or with an ally or a general member of Rappelz try to sort out the problem in a mature way. Take screen shots and pm the leaders of DreamsUnited to help you with the problem DO NOT LOSE YOUR COOL and do something that will tarnish our guilds' reputation and get you punished. 

3.)  Be Honest and Fair. Absolutely no hacking or scamming in any form. These activities will be cause for immediate banishment. 

4.)  Have Fun. rappelz is a game, its main purpose is to have fun.  Have fun or be banished forever, 

5.)  Stay Active. We can not achieve our goal of being the PREMIER guild in rappelz if our members do not continually improve themselves. People will all level at different rates, but the only way to lvl is to remain active and play Rappelz regularly.
We understand that things arise in real life that can cause absence from our guild, when possible let the leaders of guild know so we can take appropriate action to save your place in Dreams United. 

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